Compass Coin Hustler II

Compass Coin Hustler II


I picked up a Compass Coin Hustler II   Last week and its a fun little machine.  It is a basic metal detector, with a tuning knob,head phones jack and battery check button.  This machine uses one 9v battery that is easy to replace by removing one screw on the side that lifts the face plate up.  It is very light and has a 6″ coil that makes it easy to pinpoint items.  I like the Compass green paint and the build quality seems great.

After receiving the detector I unpacked it and put in a new 9v battery.  I just moved to a new house with a dirt drive way, so this was a perfect place to see how it would work.  I lowered the coil to the ground, and used the tuning knob to set a faint threshold sound and I was off swinging away.  Keep in mind this detector does not have any discrimination however the sound it makes has a lot of information.  Before I started digging signals, I decided to find a few targets and listen to the sounds they make  I noticed some sounds were sharp and quick and other signals were long and loud.  After digging a few pennies, .22 caliber shells,nuts and bolts,old Pepsi can,pocket knife and a key.  I could tell that small items like coins had a sharp fast signal, and large items like the knife and Pepsi can had large/long signals.  The Pepsi can sounded off pretty loud at about 7″ deep and the deepest penny I found was about 3″ deep.  I’m sure it will go deeper then 3″ on large  coins but the deepest penny I found was around 3″.  I liked using the Compass Coin hustler as it was a fast little machine, It is by no means a depth monster.  However Using headphones will help increase your chances on finding deeper coins.  I would find this detector great for finding fresh coin and jewelry drops. You could also use it for finding larger relics like buckles and tools.  Even though it does no have discrimination you won’t have to dig deep holes at least.  A great detector for a beginner or for the pro who just wants to have some fun !


I no longer have my Compass Coin Hustler II, but I have been eye balling a few on ebay, I just may pick another one up for a little  fun and to run some more test around some cellar holes !

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  1. I have this machine ( Metalldetektor ) in my basement – and … i love it and it still works ! :) HELLO from metal detecting Germany ! RALF | metalldetektor

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