TX-2002 Dual Use Pinpointer

TX-2002 Pinpointer

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7 Responses to TX-2002 Dual Use Pinpointer

  1. I bought one and not impressed at all, yes it does work but not very well. Save your money and buy a garrett pro pointer or even the bounty hunter pin pointer works alot better then this one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Do not purchase this pinpointer.
    The switch, is its weakness.
    1. It must be held continually.
    2. Holding and probing into soil or sand will shove the internal switch out of its position and render the tool useless.
    3. The unit is epoxy glued together. Not easily serviceable.
    4. Once split apart with cold chisel and switch “fixed” refastening is not an option. No screws.
    5. Epoxy probe base when apart or it will separate shortly after reassembly. Why? Cheap glue used by manufacturer, essentially hot glue.
    6. Sensitivity is adjustable; within a singe inch.
    7. JUNK.

  3. alten says:

    Works everybit as good as the expensive ones. Has the on/off button, not a switch, which saves battery life. The probe works well, but as with any pinpointer it is not meant for digging. The instrument is not overpriced like the north american models and will give you many years of finds like silver and gold. good luck

  4. MDer says:

    The distance it can detect is useless I could probably see it myself before this pinpointed actually picks it up….plus the advert is totally wrong, when I bought it the advert stated that only the end if the probe was sensitive False! Think il pop it back on eBay although I don’t want someone else to be saddened by this product, oh well may as well give it to my 1 year old to pretend it’s a walkie talkie lol

  5. Yong says:

    Underwater Metal Probe MD2013 can be used underwater 30 feet or even more as you request, It is the best summer water sport and treasure hunting tool

    Metal Probe
    + Holster
    + Rope
    + PVC Lock
    + Adaptor Charger ( or Solar Charger USD35.00/PC )
    + Li Battery
    + Spare parts
    Warranty 24 months ( parts and labor )

    Detecting Sensitivity can be adjusted – manual
    Ring Tip detecting 2cm and side detecting 3cm ( no torch 3 cm / 4 cm )
    Coin Tip detecting 3cm and side detecting 4cm ( no torch 4 cm / 5 cm )
    Constant tone over the target:
    when you find the metal the buzzer alarm without move detector
    LED alarm + Buzzer alarm + Vibrat alarm ( one switch Operation, easy to operate )
    Top LED flashlight, Bright distance 5 meters ( brightness can be adjusted )
    Top flshlight protection cover material:
    Optical Grade PMMA ( hard enough to withstand hammer hit)
    Can be used underwater 30 feet or waterproof in rain
    Detecting stick / probe dim. 1.7 cm ( 0.66 inch )
    ABS Telescopic handle:
    can help you to search in deep Narrow hole from 1 meter to 5 meters ( option )
    Good looking and elegant design convenient handle
    Waterproof Nylon Holster ( can be put into salt water ) or
    Luxury PU leather holster or Real leather holster ( option )
    9V battery 600mAh can support normal operation over 200 hours
    The one body ABS Probe detecting stick is hard enough to dig in any condition
    ( can withstand 60 kg torque from the side and impact 100kg form top and back )
    slightly press switch button can send SOS distress signal light
    ( which can be found 3-5 KM away at night on land and 30-50 meter underwater )
    Metal Probe Detail information and video please visit Metal Probe Website

    Yong ( Metal Probe designer)

  6. Probe says:

    Metal Porbe – TMP New Model pinpointer
    Professional Gold ( Grain ) detector
    It can be used both hunting gold in rain
    and detecting treasure underwater 20 feet

    Probe Length: 7.8″ ( 200 mm)
    Diameter: Probe end: 1.4cm (0.55 inches)
    Handle End: 4 cm (1.6 inches)

    Communicates with
    1. buzzer alarm
    2. LED light ( green for power, red for warning )
    3. Vibration ( switchover ON, OFF, a sound of light or mode of vibration )
    4. Top LED flashlight brightness distance 3 meters

    Has Control Board
    F – flashlight power ON/OFF
    C – charger DC hole
    S – sensitivity adjustment
    B – Light brightness adjustment

    Sensitivity ( can be adjusted )
    0.6 inch gold coin – 1.3inch tip and 1.5 side
    0.1 inch gold grain – 0.03inch tip and 0.05 side

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