Fisher F2 Tips and Reviews

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Detailed Product Features:

  • 8-Segment visual
    target identification
    and 4-tone audio I.D.
  • Fast, sensitive target
  • 2-digit numeric target value
  • One-touch pinpoint with numeric depth
  • Coin depth indicator in motion
    search mode
  • 8” concentric searchcoil
  • Light weight – only 2.6 lbs
    including batteries
  • Ergonomic S-Handle design
  • Notch system for accepting or
    rejecting target categories
  • Uses two 9 volt alkaline
  • 5 Year Warranty
  While the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is very accurate in identifying buried objects, the user in the field does not always maintain the display screen in his field of vision. Therefore, we have incorporated an audio feedback mechanism to alert the user to the nature of buried objects. This audio feedback system first alerts the user to the presence and classification of objects, whose nature and location can be confirmed using the LCD display. The 4-tone audio target identification system functions only in the motion modes of operation. The detector must be in the DISCRIMINATION mode, as indicated on the display. In PINPOINT mode, the detector will emit only a monotone sound.

Online Manual

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10 Responses to Fisher F2 Tips and Reviews

  1. Great little detector, its affordable and has bunch of coil options, it has a 4″ sniper coil 8″ concentric coil and 10″ concentric coil. I think you can get a 11″ DD coil too,the coil are pretty affordable compared to other brands. Uses 2 9v battiers that do ok on battery life. Good depth on the sniper coil, I was surprised. the 10″ coil gets one to two inches deeper then the 8″ coil. Very light and easy to swing, I’m really not sure what is better the Fisher F2 or the Ace 250. Great detector for a beginner or back up for the pro.

  2. Dan says:

    I like this detector becasue it did what it’s supposed to do. “Find Stuff” I was surprised with the depth, and you can crank the sensitivity with out to much noise. I have found coins at 8 inches deep. Its also very light and looks good, The display is easy to read and buttons easy to press.

  3. T Hunting in the south says:

    I got the F2 and F4, they F2 preforms just about as good as the F4 in depth. Its a sweet machine at a good price. It has a fast recovery speed, and seems to find stuff just as deep as other machines I have used. Plastic feels a little cheap but seems strong. I like it

  4. With the very affordable price of this detector you cannot go wrong, the 4″ sniper coil rocks, and the 8″ coil gets good depth. I prefer this detector over the Garrett Ace 250, there is less falsing when you bump the stock coil, the ace falses alot when you bump the coil on sticks. It has a number read out the helps ID your signal better. I belive the depth are about equal. It has a faster recovery then the ace, I like the F2 alot.

  5. This detector does a good job in the iron nail infested sites, when using the 11″ DD. Just watch my video under the video section OF THE SITE, scroll down untill you see METAL DETECTING LARGE CENTS AND RELICS WITH A FISHER F2 I like to run the detector accepting all metals so you can hear the iron, it may drive you nuts. However when you here a good broken up signal….DIG IT…… You won’t get a good signal because the iron nails will mask a good target for the most part. What your looking for is a broken up or small beep of a target that is not iron. WATCH THE VIDEO !

  6. michael says:

    I just purchaced the f2 last week. I have been using the ace 250 for 6 months and I love it! not too impressed with the f2 yet. It false alot when you bump the coil or if you swing it too hard. the pin point is not as accurate but not a bad machine I really like the digital read out. but do not like how cans and tabs ring up quarters with a low to high 80. maybe I have not used it enough, will try it out more this weekend! happy hunting to all

    • I do prefer the F2 over the ace, maybe your coil cable is loose around the bottom, make sure its wrapped around the rod tight. if its loose it could make the detector false. What I like about the pinpoint with the f2 is that it shows the depth. I feel like the ace and F2 pinpoint are pretty much equal. I have been using the 11″ DD coil with the F2, it can be a little more tricky pinpoint with the DD coil, but the Stock 8″ round coil makes it a breeze. Don’t give up on the F2 yet. Just like any machine it takes a little while to get used to it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i’m interested in the F2 and curious if the 11 DD gives a significant advantage over the 10″ round. I can foresee that I may be fine with the the 8″ standard and 4″ sniper

    • I think you can pinpoint better with the 10″ round better then the 11″DD, Depth wise I really never put them up against each other. I would guess that they have to be pretty close in the depth department. I had a 10″ coil only for a little while before I traded, I used the 11″ all the time.

  8. Ozarks says:

    My F2 holds it’w own as you can see on my blog…

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