Fisher F70 Tips and Reviews

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One Response to Fisher F70 Tips and Reviews

  1. My buddy let try out this detector on a short hunt, I got to use just for a few hours but it was enough time to get a basic feel for the machine. Like most new fisher its very light, and the screen is very easy to read with the large read out. The buttons are easy to press with your thumb to navigate through the options. I really like where the headphones plug in the back, keeps the cord out of my way better then most detectors. I like detectors with threshold, and seems deep. It also very easy to ground balance the machine. The stock eliptical coil is fine, but I would recommend the 11″ DD, it goes deeper and easy to pinpoint. The 11″ coil is a little pricey but I think its worth it if you can get a good price on it. Overall its a great little detector, I don’t think you will miss much with this detector.

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