Fisher 1280x Aquanaut Tips and Reviews

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4 Responses to Fisher 1280x Aquanaut Tips and Reviews

  1. I owned this detector for One summer and had a blast with it. I bought it used on craigslist used for $250, it was an older model with the fiberglass rod and white spider coil. It was my first waterproof detector I owned. First I only used this at fresh water beaches, I heard that it did not do so well at saltwater beaches so I did not even bother. It preformed very well at the fresh water swimming holes, and had good depth. I could get a good solid beep on a quarter around 7″ , I did find some silver with this machine. The deeper the coin or item the smoother and mellow the sound was. the disc worked well. And this thing was built like a tank, and it floats. The head phones worked good and I would submerge them and they always worked fine. I did use it on land a few times also as a relic hunter and got good depth, a colonial style button at 6″ with a good solid loud diggable signal. The Batteries last for every in this machine, I think I only replaced them a few times all summer long. I would crank the volume all the way up and set the disc just under 3 and crank the sensitvity as high as it would go with out driving me crazy. One thing I didn’t get with this machine is that the frequency is 2.4 kHz. I’m not sure why it is so low, I never found any gold with this machine but it did test well using gold rings on air test. My final thoughts are this is a great fresh water machine, if you can buy one in good working between $250 and $400 dollars pick it up!

    • Zack says:

      Hi There,

      I just bought an old Fisher 1280x, with white spider coild. Can you tell me if your had a black cover over your white coil?

      The one I have has a white spider coil, but the bottom of the coil is black. It is on pretty tight. So I don’t know if it’s the black half is the coil cover or if it is part of the white coil.

      Please email me and let me know.
      One part of the black piece is not flushing with the white coil. I want to know if the black piece can be separated from the white half so that I can try and fixed the bulge where it is not flushed.


  2. The white coils are the older machine, and the black coil are the newer machines, I have seen alot of these for sale on ebay lately. If you can get a white coil machine for around $250 – 350$ thats a fair price, if it comes with a case then thats even better. The machine with the Black coil is worth a little more since its a newer model. closer to the $400 range used. These machine are good solid preformers in Fresh Water.

  3. Underwater2 says:

    The 128o is a great machine in salt or freash water. I have found over 100 golds rings with my 1280/ good hunting.

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