Garrett At Pro Metal Detector Tips and Review

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3 Responses to Garrett At Pro Metal Detector Tips and Review

  1. I had a chance to use one of these for a short period of time, some quick thoughts !
    I like the dual function as you can use it under water, it gets really good depth, fairly light. But I feel the ID #’s are a little small and can be hard to see with sun glare. The Pro mode is alot deeper, and I prefer this mode because the sounds it makes reminds me of a Tesoro. This detector is priced right at $599.99 thought it seems like Garrett rushed them out and some machines had bugs and glitches that still needed to be worked out. But I’m sure they will take care of anyone who got one of these machines.
    Metal Detect America

  2. Few more thoughts on the Garrett At Pro, Wow it is a deep little machine for the price. Great for Relic hunting if you can get used to the iron audio feature. Yes this detector will take a little time to get used too. The Pro mode goes deeper but this is where you need to learn the machine to use it at its full potential. It can be a little chattery and some signals maybe hard to pick out. I do wish it had a volume controll, And the VDI #s could be a little bit bigger. However for the price for a rugged all terrian metal detector you get a lot of bang for your buck. Some people say its just an over priced Ace 250, I would say NO. Those people are just used to there Ace 250 and do not want to learn how to use there At Pro. Have fun and go find some loot.

  3. Joe Digger says:

    Had at pro for 2days. Read the book and on the 3or 4 time you will figure it out. Youtube has some good videos put out by Garrett. Man at pro goes deep!! Headphone plug sucks,I don’t think I’ll ever take it off.Its a little heavy,compared to what I’ve been using but it works very well.GOOD LUCK

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