Garrett Ace 350 Tips And Reviews

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  1. Well Garrett did something right when they made the Ace 250, So the Ace 350 Has alittle more edge then its older sibling. With a frequency of 8.25 KHz it should hit on Gold a little better,Probably not much of a difference though. And the DD coil for added target seperation and depth. I belive its easier to pinpoint with a DD coil once you get a hang of it. I would use this machine in the parks, dry sand at beaches or even near a cellar hole looking for those old coins and relics. They have also added 2 more iron discrimination notches for a total of 4 compared to 2 on the Ace 250. I have had good luck with the Ace 250 as did many other users. I have only Used the 350 a handfull of times but depth and preformance are pretty close, I would be curious if the an Ace with the big 9 X 12 concentric coil gets the same depth as the New 8.5 X 11 DD coil . I haved not tested that yet but hopefull I will soon. If you already have an Ace 250 I would not recomend upgrading to the 350, I would buy somthing Like a Garrett AT Pro or Tesoro Vaquero or something along those lines. If you never metal detected before and looking for a Great solid machine that will find stuff then the Ace 350 Is GREAT. Also this would make a great back up machine for any metal detectorist.

  2. Ron Feuer says:

    I have been learning to use a Vaquero after hunting for 30 years with a White’s 6000-D, that machine having the technology of 1979. The 6000-D has a much better discriminate feature with 32 year old technology than the Vaquero does with 2011 technology. What gives? What is going on here?

  3. Ron Feuer says:

    BTW, is the Garrett Ace 350 in opinions of modern detectorists better than the Tesoro Vaquero? Maybe I am jinxed using Tesoro machines, but as far as I can tell, they are overrated to the max! I had a Tesoro Cortes which I could not find squat with! The White’s 6000-D in my opinion s the best silver finding metal detector ever made!

  4. Ron Feuer says:

    all I find with the Tesoro Vaquero is bottlecaps…the descriminate feature works well findiing bottlecaps!

    • Alot of detectors like bottle caps, detectors that have a VDI # the seem to sound like a coin but the numbers jump around alot. I had used a Tesoro ciboa for a year and loved it, more so then the vaquero. Though I feel like the vaquero was deeper then the cibola. Bottle caps on the tesoros would sound off like a coin, however it had a sharper,popper sound and not as smooth of a sound like a coin has. I did like the audio sound alot better on the cibola then the vaquero. I guess maybe your hunting in a spot that has alot of bottle caps and it can be tough learning the sound of the bottle cap. Thats why detectors with a number VDI screen can help. The Garrett 350 is a better park digging machine then the vauero, if you set it to coin mode you should be able to dig very little trash, however I not sure how the ace reacts to bottlecaps. One thing I love about the tesoro’s is I found a gold pendant 8” deep with the cibola and it had a good signal, it helps with the higher freqency. One more thing, I do like the dd coil that comes with the ace 350, I had the DD round 12″ coil for the vaquero and it was kinda too big and hard to pinpoint. Hope this Helps…..Have fun digging and i hope you find less Bottle caps, last weekend when I went out I was digging at an old cellar hole and I was finding way to many rusted bottle caps

  5. Thylacine says:

    I have an ACE 350, it is the replacement for my Master Hunter 7 ADS.

    The ACE 350 with the DD coil is a great machine, it picked up an OZ 1c piece at a measured 11″ that’s a small coin sitting on clay, under 4″ of bedding sand with another 7″ of compressed wet pine bark covering the sand. So for small targets at depth it does well.

    You have to learn the sounds and readings, the display face on mine (the standard ACE 350) is marked for use in the USA, I should have purchased the Euro Ace. But aside from that I can’t fault fault the ACE 350, practice makes perfect and I will be swinging mine this afternoon.

    My next buy will be the AT Pro for the digital target ID (numerical) not just a bar graph as on the ACE 350.

    I would recommend you shop for a deal as there are some good accessories.
    Do get a coil cover, weather cover for the control box, headphones and the Garrett digging tool is yet to let me down (then again I’m not asking it to do silly amounts of work) and a sniper coil would be a good addition.

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